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ChadRanr Rant
Stupid Vending Machines

Dasani Ranr
Fuckin Vending Machines.
Tues, 15 Sept 2009 11:26:00 GMT*


Work Thoughts

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1) If i could fly, hovering over toilets in public bathrooms would be much easier

2) Using the urinal in a building while listenin to your headphones is really weird, it’s like having your very own personal piss seronade.

3) What i was thinking while sayin hello to this woman that walked into my store “wow…she looks like some sort of manwoman”

4) Saving somebody life is like the ultimate comeback…for example: “Person 1: I ain’t gotta listen to you, what have have you ever done for me. Person 2: remember that time i saved your life” see….what can ya say to that

5)If I were Jesus, I would’ve considered world domination, or ya know became intergalactic authoritarian….at least taken over a small island or somethin. (not to be rude or make fun of religion, I’M JUST SAYIN)

6) Popcorn chicken sounds like a mistake, who would think to do that on purpose.

7) I admire tony, he’s had the same picture since the history of facebook…that takes courage.

8) Talkin on the phone while takin a shit is just gross.

9) If I were Michael Myers of Halloween….I would’ve become a linebaker or somethin where I could get paid to use my natural/supernatural fuck shit up abilities.

10) Now that I think about it…i’ve known more people to wreck into fire hydrants than to be saved by them…that’s sort of ironic

11) IT’S YA BOY YO GOTTI!!! that’s just funny to me

12) I’d much rather watch Fragglerock than another episode of carlos mencia….it’s like watchin the same joke being performed by the same douchebag, for the same 30 minutes, on the same channel…by the way, it’s a bad joke…more chappelle show

13) hot peppers really aren’t that hot, I feel sort of cheated.

14) If I had a super power, i’d have to ability to shut people the hell up, well super speed, i guess if i had that i could just bunch somebody in the nuts really fast.

15) “She made us drinks to drink, we drunk them got drunk” it’s so sad that this is a real lyric to a song….take me now jesus

Is Hip Hop Dead?

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Hip Hop is an artform that is used to bring joy, englighten, move the soul, or to all out have a good time. Ultimately, it is based on creativity and innovation, it is constantly reinventing istelf and remaining original. The artists themselves must have a strong passion for the art and a sound mind that allows them keep up this creative process that is vital to keep Hip Hop unique. In today’s world, many people claim that “Hip Hop is dead,” but for what reason? Artists such as Nas, Method Man, Redman, and etc believe that the Hip Hop CULTURE is comingto a hault. It is a dying art form due to the love for the money that it now brings in and a lack of admiration for the music itself. Artists are now making songs that sale rather than make songs that will be pleasing to themselves and the listeners. This focus on sales leads to a lack of creativity by artists as their main concern is to stick with the same style that sold their albums in the first place rather than step out of the box and find a new way to send out their message(if they have one).
Nair Jones’ fifth album began by emphasizing “They thought I’d make another Illmatic, but it’s always foward I’m movin, never backwards stupid here’s another classic.” This underlines the essoce of what Hip Hop is truly about. Despite his first album being considered “One of the greatest LP’s to ever hit stores” and being an album that had one of the greatests influences on Hip Hop of all time, he is stating that he wishes to still move foward, expanding his artistic capability, rather than remain stagnent. Consistent change keeps the music fresh, allowing it to be nearly limitless in regards to creativity.
In the late 80’s/Early 90’s(The Golden Age)there was much to choose from: The Fat Boys, Ice Cube, Rakim, Outkast, Wu-Tang, Scarface, Ice-T, Special Ed, Das EfX, UGK, Ghetto Boys, Naughty By Nature, Three Six Mafia, Nas, Big Daddy Kane , MC LYTE, Redman and too many others to actaully list. Each group had their own distintive sounds and each individual album attempted to reach a new level as the advanced to the next album. Today, most Hip Hop sounds the same. It’s rather hard to distinguish Fat Joe’s “Lean Back” from 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” there’s no need to tell us that “It’s a nitty beat” beacause they sound the same,any song with a strong baseline along with a catchy hook is going to receive recognition, and D4L or DFB….what’s the difference? Artists such as Little Brother, Madlib, MF DOOM, Joe Budden, Murs, and Clipse, will receive very little recognition from most people because they’re music is not as familiar as the others. So why does Rick Ross receive more coveage than artists like Phonte? Because Rick Ross has the sound and subject matter that is SELLING NOW. As good as an artists Murs may be, he will receive very little exposure because the topics he chooses to address in his music is not what the Viacom and other companies making money off of Hip Hop sees as profitable. Hip Hop is slowing down because it is becoming entirely too commercialized. There’s nothing wrong with making profit off of what you love to do, however, there is a huge problem when money starts to interfere in what u love to do…your love for music and Hip Hop.


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Christopher Wallce will most likely never be known as one of the greatest literary architects of our time; however, his lyrical prowess is recognized by members of the Hip Hop community as “one of the greatest of all time.” His tales of urban life and street violence are graphic enough to enlighten even the most ignorant individuals about the darker side of city/urban life. The depiction of the world through his eyes is one filled with poverty, despair, and vice; there is little to no opportunity to escape this world outside of “slangin crack rock or a wicked jump shot.”
It is unfortunate to realize that an artist whom possessed the abilty to weave such detailed imagery about their environment will easily go unnoticed by the masses outside of the Hip Hop Culture. By Disecting the lyrics within the late Chris Wallace’s music, one could easily pin point the certain problems that reside within the cities and neighborhoods of the United States. Why then do we not take him seriously and is it impossible to seperate him from the mere labels of entertainer and thug? The anwer, simply put, is yes. By acknowledging his art a real expression and a sincere perception in which he (as well as many other individuals) view America, we stand to gain a better understanding as what needs to be changed about our country.

Droppin Bombs of Knowledge From A Hover Tank

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What if Hitler was like Jesus’ revenge on Jewish people for murkin him, that would be sorta mean and uncalled for, but also very gangsta…

I see nothin wrong with havin sex with a big gurl, big gurls need love too…BUT THEY GOTTA PAY!!!

Some People say their cup is half empty, some say their cup is half full…that’s why i bought a keg:)

Ya know, people say you shouldn’t use the word gay to describe somethin that lame…well that’s gay, screw you and your winey little gay asses. It’s not my fault a word that means excruciatingly happy got intertwined with homosexual.
Quit bein so gay about.

One day I’m gonna do somethin that grabs media attention…like punch a small starvin somolian midget right in the thoat or take a piss on the statue of liberty. But before they come to arrest me, I’ll pull a pack of mentos out my back pocket and smile really big and get off scott free.


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, WE GOT YOU SO GOOD!!! Johnny Cochran wasn’t a lawyer, he was a magician, greatest magic trick in history.

When I’m cold I try to find a spot that’s below freezing and sit in it for 20 minutes, then i go back to where I was and it’s not so cold anymore

Fatheads are studpid, the person who created it can suck a nice fat dick. not mine though…

if i had a dime for everytime I masterbated, I’d start masterbating more often…LOL that made me laugh

I hate geography, cause it’s just history, except ya know….without the people, dates, and events…shit like that

if i could describe myself in one word it would be :supercutecoolassholethatsballabeyondallbelief

If I had one wish, I’d wish for like 6 trillion dollars, then I’d buy contries and bomb em and bring on a new age of destruction either that or build a bridge outta strippers.

Always tell your sales clerk you want or get a discount before they ring up your crap. THat shit’s just gay like, here’s an example: me or clerk “that’ll be 22.18” douchebag customer “is that with my the discount” what me or clerk are thinking after hearing that shit “I should kill your kids, and feed em to you”

Vegans are retarded, hippos and lions don’t give a shit about you….ya douche

Sometimes people say I don’t act black, All the time people are ignorant and full of shit. (MAD TRU)

Chad’s Right about Black People in College

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The key to being black in college all lies around the ability to be cool, smart, grimy, and gangsta all in the same breath.  You may ask me: Chad, “How the hell do you accomplish this in a sense that being a gangsta in college is an oxymoron.”  Let me tell you something about many black college students..Even though many black students often come from a rough backgrounds, many black college students take advantage of being around numerous white students and a “gangsta” college campus to prove that they are rough, tough, gangsta, and able to maintain a 3.5 GPA.

Often times, many people are able to pull this facade off without anyone every finding out that they have been a national consecutive spelling be champion 4 years in a row and that their hood attributes are nothing more of a reflection of the current state of hip hop music.

If you would like to gain respect on a college campus, simply listen to a jeezy, t.i., jay-z, or 50 cent cd.  If you are able to act out these people’s life story all the while maintaining your grades, you will be honored by all of your peers.  Being able to speak hood terms while playing Halo 3 is considered being very gangster.   Also if you are from a city that gives you credibility by simply growing up there, be sure to mention this in any altercation.  For Example, someone pushes you in a club, simply yell “Bitch I’m from (any city associated with violence and a high mortality rate).  Watch as your rival shamelessly backs down.  However, be sure to play the roll completely as one mistake might end up with you being cut in the face with a “real nigga.”  By putting off the image that you are hood, you are bound to attract many other hood friends (some may actually be faking like you) which will boost your credibility through the roof.

If you would like to ask out a woman/man you are interested in.  Simply to be the cool guy/girl at the last  high school you attended (remember, you are in a new environment where no one knows your past and are willing to believe your lies).  Furthermore, throw in some of your hometown slang in there (and if you aren’t from a city that is considered hood, simply steal some from your newly acquired hood friends), this will be sure to prove that you are a soldier who is leaving the streets of gangsterdom to become lawyer(or some other career that shows you had a life changing epiphany).

Be sure to challenge everyones hood cred so that no one will challenge your own.  If you follow these instructions you are fully prepared to fool all of you college peers and will enjoy a college career of admiration, envy, and many sleepless night of being fake.